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Norwegian Viking Food

Viking Food? Ever wondered how the Norwegian Vikings cooked their food? Here is a look at how to cook a leg of lamb in a cooking pit as the Vikings did in 700 AD. Very delicious, I might ad.

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Oslo Kringle

Looking for a traditional kringle recipe? Look no further for a good recipe - you found it here.

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Norwegian Potato Lefse Recipe

Norwegian Potato Lefse Recipe Mystery Unwrapped. Norwegian Christmas food all the way from Norway.

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Norway Facts

Want some interesting Norway Facts? Come on over and have a look.

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Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway are some of the best reasons to love this country. Find great recipes and cooking ideas here.

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Blotkake Birthday Cake Recipe,

Looking for a Blotkake birthday cake recipe? Look no further, you found it here.

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Michigan Vacation Rental

This Lake Home is no longer for sale or rent.

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Salmon Salad Recipe

Salmon Salad recipe. This will prove to you that eating healthy food can be delicious. Find recipe here.

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Salmon Chowder Recipe

Looking for a Salmon Chowder recipe? Find here a great recipe for a tasty and healthy Salmon Chowder.

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Caviar Kaviar in Norwegian

Caviar, well, it's Kaviar in Norwegian and super delicious. Here are ideas how to spark up your food with Norwegian/Norsk kaviar.

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Norsk Engelsk Hus og Heim

Finn en liten norsk engelsk hus og heim ordbook her. Oversettelser er bra og nytting, men hvordan lager man setninger? Hopp over og finn hele setninger oversatt her.

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Mass Grave of Vikings Found in England

Mass Grave of Vikings Found in England. What happened to at least 249 Norwegian Vikings? Find out here.

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Homemade Sausage

How about making Homemade Sausage (Heimlaga Pølse in Norwegian) Now that must be difficult. Surprise! It's a lot easier than you think.

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Homemade Norwegian Oatmeal Crackers

Hop over to this recipe for Oatmeal Crackers, the best crackers in my world.

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Marinated Salmon with Sherry Sauce

Surprise your family with this delicious Marinated Salmon with Sherry Sauce.

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Marinated Salmon also called Gravlaks

Ever tasted traditional Norwegian marinated salmon, also called Gravlaks? Here you found the recipe for Norway's best Gravlaks.

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Hoffmeister Sauce

Hoffmeister Sauce recipe to serve with Gravlaks. Here you found the authentic, traditional mustard sauce to accompany Norwegian Gravlaks.

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Norwegian Recipes in English

Looking for Norwegian recipes? Find new and traditional Norwegian Recipes in English here.

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Make Norwegian Gravlaks and eat like a real Viking. Find a well-tested family recipe here for this traditional delicacy all the way from Norway.

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English Norwegian Translations Cooking and Baking

Searching for English Norwegian Translations Cooking and Baking terms? Find it here.

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Stewed Green Peas

What is Stewed Green Peas? The answer is: Yummy, a super nutritiousdish made with legumes and it is easy to make.

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Norwegian Seafood Bisque

Seafood bisque anyone? Find a great recipe here for creamy Norwegian seafood bisque with shrimp. Yummy!

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Cod Fish Tacos

In the mood for Cod Fish Tacos? Find here a North-of-the-Border Taco recipe with a South-of-the-Border kick.

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Mor Monsen Cake

Mor Monsen cake, I never met that lady, but the cake is yummy. This Norwegian recipe is worth filing with your favorites.

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English Norwegian Translations Herbs and Spices

Looking for English Norwegian Translations Herbs and Spices? Find it here.

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Norwegian Spritz Cookies

Looking for a recipe for Norwegian Spritz cookies? No Problem, you found it here. By the way, that is Sprut småkaker in Norwegian.

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Marinated Pork Loin

Want to make flavorful Marinated Pork Loin in your crock pot. Skip over to the recipe here.

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Pancakes Crepes Pannekaker

Pancakes crepes pannekaker, whatever you call them in your part of the world, here is a great recipe. Enjoy

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Dessert Crepes

Dessert Crepes - find an easy recipe here and serve with strawberries and whipped cream - YUMMY! In a jiffy you'll have a delicious treat.

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Lefse Story

Norwegian Lefse Story? What in the world is lefse? Stop in and learn all about this traditional food of Norway.

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Lefse Baking by Kari

Lefse Baking? Is this another secret Norwegian lefse recipe. Yup, and you found it here.

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Norwegian Waffles

There is nothing like Norwegian waffles. Find my mom's yummy recipe here.

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Venison Steak Recipe

Venison Steak Recipe, anyone? If your taste buds crave a delicious venison steak with a kick - You came to the right place...Try out Venison Steak with a Norwegian Accent. Oh la-la!

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Homemade Yellow Pea Soup, gulertersuppe in Norwegian

Here is how to make nutritious yellow pea soup. Find my mom's recipe here for this healthy Norwegian Gulertersuppe.

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Apple Dessert with Crisp Almond Topping

Any time is the perfect time to make a delicious gluten-free, flour-free Apple Dessert. Click here for this show-stopper Apple Cake recipe.

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Norwegian Etiquette

Etiquette? Who cares about proper manners anyway? The Norwegians do - find out here.

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Nobel Prize

What is the Nobel Prize? How did it have its beginning? Who was Albert Bernhard Nobel?

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Cod Casserole

Want a great recipe for a Cod Casserole? Treat your family to this delicious meal.

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Norwegian Bacalao Cod Recipe

Bacalao Cod Recipe - Norwegian? Oh yes, Bacalao is a popular cod delicacy in Norway. Check out this "fantabulous" recipe.

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Easy Pie Crust

Been looking for a recipe for an easy pie crust? Search no further, Here you will find the recipe that changed my pie making from disastrous to successful..

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Sangria is a Spanish drink, but Norwegians love it too. Find a great recipe here.

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Rice Pudding

Hungry for Rice Pudding? Drop in on a Norwegian any Saturday, at lunchtime and you'll get Risengrynsgrot. (Find recipe here.) Why Saturday? I don't have a's a Norwegian thing.

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Norway Mountains Norwegian Nature

Hey, have a look at the amazing beauty of Norway mountains Norwegian nature. Enjoy!

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Send Norway Mountain Ecards here for free.

Entice folks to visit Norway by sending fantastic Norway Mountain Ecards for free.

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Guitar Story for Children

Come on over for a fun Guitar story for Children. Gather your small children, relax and I will tell you about the time I held a concert in my dad's hayloft in dad's barn.

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Swedish Meatballs

Searching for a recipe to make Swedish Meatballs? You found it - Enjoy!

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English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases

Want to learn Norwegian? Find English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases here.

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Sirupssnipper Cookies

Haven't baked Sirupssnipper yet? Well, it is about time. Christmas is around the corner "u no". If you are Norwegian you must bake these diamond shaped cookies for the Holidays. Find recipe here.

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Norwegian Glogg, the Mulled Wine Viking Drink

A few sips of Norwegian Glogg and you'll have an insight into how the Norwegians cope with the cold snowy nights in Norway, the Winter Wonderland.

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