Norwegian Breakfast

Guess what can you find on the Norwegian breakfast table other than a super cup of coffee along with a bunch of delicious foods?

Smoked Salmon Egg Omelette (above)
Oh, no - FISH again. Yes, You can find fish in sauces and marinades. Like sardines in tomato sauce; mustard sauce; oil and spices and herbal wine sauces.

What will they think of next? Oh, don't worry, they don't have to do the next - they already did...

You must be kidding, smoked salmon (we call it røkt laks), for breakfast? And you probably gathered already that eggs go very well with smoked salmon.

open face smoked salmon sandwich
Open Face Smoked Sandwich

OH, the  the Norskes really eat ansjos, that is brisling in wine and herb sauce for breakfast??? Yes, they do.

More fish? Yes, you can find cocktail biter (bite-size brisling fillets) in wine and spices, pickled herring (sursild), smoked sild, smoked whitefish; caviar (kaviar), shrimp, crab meat and smoked eel, the list is almost endless.

Sliced (sliced is important - u-no) hard-boiled eggs must accompany cocktail biter, u know (that is tiny sild fillets in various herbal wine sauces) - if you are real Norsk, that is. Might be strange to you, but I like Norwegian caviar with sliced hard-boiled eggs, (and kaviar is the correct spelling in Norway)... Delish!

Oh, by the way, many Germans visit Norway every year, I think they like our fish and blueberries, not together, and of course, and they like our beautiful nature too. Brag-Brag I bet they like fish for breakfast?

Good coffee is super important to most Norwegians, especially me, and not just for breakfast. They drink coffee throughout the day, but never with dinner.

More Norwegian Breakfast chat... you can have eggs and bacon (røkt flesk also called bacon in Norwegian), but it is not common. They usually do not eat fried bacon for breakfast, but for dinner they do.

Usually, the "bacon" is not smoked and is called flesk, as far as I am concerned that's even better.

Soft-boiled eggs? Yes, but they are served in a proper egg glass with a tiny spoon very tiny spoon that does not discolor and that's the only way a Norwegian will eat a soft boiled egg.

Silver spoons are never used for soft boiled eggs because the egg will make the silver a dark and an unappetizing color and it will also taste strange. I've tried it.

So, you would like fried potatoes early in the morning? Ja, "dat" would be a problem and not in Norway!

On the other hand, if you would like potatoes for dinner, you are definitely always in luck. Can't have dinner in that country without potatoes, "u no".

How about pancakes or waffles for breakfast? Nope - no chance and dry cereals are not that popular for breakfast either. They serve Norwegian waffles/Norske vaffler as a snak or comfort food, kosemat in Norwegian,  with syltetøy, that is jam, usually crushed fresh berries with a little sugar or with thinly sliced sweet brunost. Yummy.

And would you believe, pancakes/pannekaker are served as dinner with tons of blueberry jam,(fried bacon) flesk og poteter - there I said it again - potatoes. YUP

These weird, but very nice, unbelievable Vikings eat tomatoes, sliced fresh cucumbers (the English kind), fresh sweet, red or green peppers, pickled beets, and sweet pickles and other strange things for breakfast.

And how about a little sursild to go along with all that? "Oh " Ja dat" pickled herring would be good.

Yup, and of course, you'll find delicious jams and jellies (syltetøy) on the Norwegian breakfast table along with yummy breads of all kinds. I especially like the awesome whole grain breads you can find in any grocery store. You can't even buy soft white bread that are so common in the U.S.A.


                Lean and delicious Jarlsberg Cheese (above)

Have you heard that you'll find all kinds of scrumptious cheeses at the Norwegian breakfast table? This thing never ends, does it?

For sure you will find brunost (brown cheese,) kvitost (white cheese) and gulost (yellow cheese).

There are a variety of white cheeses - Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese, for example, is a lean Swiss type cheese with lots of flavors. You might call it a Norwegian Swiss cheese, and if you live in the U.S. you'll find it at Sam's Club.

There are other white cheeses, such as Norwegia, Gouda, Nøkkelost, Pultost, to mention a few.

Also, there are sweet, brown cheeses, as well. Some are made of goat's milk, others are made of cow's milk. In Norway, we call all the brown cheeses "brunost", it is kind of a generic name for them all, but there are many different kinds of brunost.

norwegian brunost

Brunost Sandwich

In addition, you will find a number of cream cheeses. Some of them are made with bacon, chicken, shrimp, crab meat and some are made with herbs. Yum.


Kremost med Urter (Norwegian)
Cream Cheese with Herbs

Would you believe that many of these cheeses are packaged in handy tubes - like toothpaste? It's very easy to make a beautiful and tasty open-face sandwich, or how about appetizers?


Creamy BBQ Chicken Cheese

Your Norwegian hostess might even shock you with extremely "aromatic" Gammelost. By the way, that was my grandma's favorite cheese. When she visited us, she brought it with her in a well-wrapped and tucked in an airtight container. (I wondered why?) stink - stink. I couldn't believe that anyone could eat that stuff.

Don't tell my mom - this is a family secret... when I was a little girl, I searched for worms in grandma's cheese, though I never found any.

I could tell you more about Norwegian cheese, but I am running out of space here. But why not hop over to Norway for breakfast and you will attend a Breakfast Taste-O-Rama - actually a Breakfast Smørgasbord.

So you think these Norwegians Vikings are a strange bunch, right? I agree with you and I am one of them.

norsk skinke

Norsk Skinke

They might treat you to sausage made from lamb called fårepølse, which is fantastically yummy; thinly sliced Norsk skinke), syltaflesk, mør, delicious servelat, salami, fårerull, røkt skinke, fenalår and a lot of other sandwich meats. So now you know why you better come hungry to the Norwegian breakfast table.

Oh, you didn't know that Norwegians eat open-face sandwiches for breakfast? Now you know. By, the way, they NEVER make a sandwich with two pieces of bread - you know, the way the Americans do. No, No, Never.

I bet you thought I was done listing all the goodies you get served at the Norwegian Breakfast table. I am NOT done - here is more. You'll find seafood such as sursild, gaffelbiter, ansjos, laks (smoked salmon), kaviar, reker (shrimp) and more. What else could you possibly want on your Norwegian breakfast table? Oh Yes,don't forget  Norsk Kaviar.

Doesn't it seem that "the Norskes" have their lunch for breakfast? He-he

Don't see your favorite? LUTEFISK??? No, now you are going too far, you will not find lutefisk at the Norwegian breakfast table, but you might find lefse and småbrød.

After reading about the Norwegian Breakfast, one could possibly gain weight - we might all have to go on a diet. he-he © Copyright 2020
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