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Hi there, I hope you will enjoy these English Norwegian Translations Helpful Terms I picked out for you to peruse and learn. I have discovered that it is easier for me to learn and memorize a language and build my vocabulary when I read everything out loud and write the words down. Of course, we need to keep repeating what we want to memorize.

Velkommen til vårt hjem
Welcome to our home

Below are some English Norwegian Translations Helpful Terms that you can study on the plane on your next trip to Norway.

Sure, it would be very nice to know the Norwegian language. However, most people will not take the time to learn a new language. The next best thing is to know some important words and phrases in Norwegian.

Norsk Kvadagsbunad – Norwegian every-day bunad.

Want to impress the Norwegian Vikings that you will run into on your trip? OK, then tuck the translations below into your vocabulary toolbox. But wait, first, I will show you my method on how to Pronounce the Norwegian Alphabet.

By the way, you will be pleased when you discover that most Norwegians speak English and that they are most eager to practice their language skills. To top it off, many of these folks speak German and French as well. It's kind of fun to know French, especially when you go to a French restaurant and try to impress everybody by pronouncing all delicacies on the menu. OH well, back to English Norwegian translations helpful terms...

English Norwegian Translations Helpful Terms.

mother mor
father far
mom mamma
dad pappa
parents foreldre
daughter datter
son sønn
daughter-in-law svigerdatter
son-in-law svigersønn
a child et barn
many children mange barn
sibling søsken
sister søster
brother bror
grandmother bestemor
grandmother mormor/mother of mother (also called bestemor)
grandmother morfar/mother of father (also called bestemor)
grandfather bestefar
grandfather farfar/father of father (also called bestefar)
grandfather farmor/father of mother (also called bestefar)
grandma beste
grandpa besten
great grandmother oldemor
great grandfather oldefar
great great grandmother tippoldemor
great great grandfather tippoldefar
grandchild barnebarn
my grandchildren mine barnebarn/barnebarna mine
grand daughter datterdatter (daughter of daughter) sønnedatter (daughter of the son)
grandson sønnesønn (son of the son)
datterson (son of the daughter)
brother-in-law svoger/svigerbror
sister-in-law svigerinne/svigersøster
aunt tante
uncle onkel
cousin søskenbarn
nephew nevø
niece niese
second cousin tremenning
a friend en venn(male) en venninne (female
a girlfriend en venninne
my friend min venn (male or female)
(min venninne (female)
my girlfriend min kjæreste
Do you have a girlfriend? Har du en kjæreste (male or female)?
my boyfriend min kjæreste
Do you have a boyfriend? Har du en kjæreste? (male or female)
my wife min kone/ min hustru
my husband min mann/min ektemann
are you married? er du gift?
I am married. Jeg er gift.
Are you engaged to be married? Er du forlovet?
I am engaged to be married. Jeg er forlovet.
my fiancé min forlovede.
Are you going to get married? Skal dere gifte dere? (plural)
Are you going to get married? Skal du gifte deg? (singular)
Here are even more English Norwegian translations helpful terms Her er enda flere engelsk norsk oversettelser nyttige utrykk.
family familie
Do you have family in Norway? Har du familie i norge?
Do you have relatives in Norway? Har du slektninger i norge?
I have relatives in Norway. Jeg har slektninger i norge.
I would like to have contact with my relatives in Norway. Jeg vil gjerne ha kontakt med slektningene mine i norge.
Do you have a picture of your family? Har du et bilde av familien din?
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