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Norsk: En Norsk Engelsk Ordbok Familie heter denne side.
English: Norwegian English Dictionary Family is the name of this page.

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Familien vår fra Norge beøker Washington DC.
Our relatives from Norway visiting Washington DC.

We love having our family visiting us from Norway and we have a super time showing them around our country. Sightseeing in and around Washington DC was awesome.

Guess what? The Norwegians enjoy our shopping malls here in the states. Wonder why? Probably for the same reason I love shopping when I am in Norway.


Familie besøker Niagara Falls
Family visiting Niagara Falls

We all had a good time visiting Niagara Falls and the shops and restaurants there.

Norsk Engelsk Oversettelser

familie family
slektninger relatives
mor mother
mamma mom/mommy
far father
pappa dad/daddy
datter daughter
sønn son
svigerdatter daughter-in-law
svigersønn son-in-law
svigersøster sister-in-law
svigerbror brother-in-law
et barn/mitt barn/vårt barn a child/my child/our child
mange barn many children
stebarn/stebarn step child/step children
søster sister
stesøster step sister
bror brother
stebror step brother
bestemor grandmother
"beste" grandma
mormor/bestemor) grandmother (mother of mother)
morfar/bestemor) grandmother (mother of father)
bestefar grandfather
"besten" grandpa
farfar/bestefar) grandfather (father of father)
farmor/bestefar) grandfather (father of mother)
oldemor great grandmother
oldefar great grandfather
tippoldemor great great grandmother
tippoldefar great great grandfather
et barnebarn/mange barnebarn a grandchild/many grandchildren
mitt barnebarn/mine barnebarn my grandchild/my grandchildren
barnebarnet mitt/barnebarna mine my grandchild/my grandchildren/grandchildren of mine
datterdatter granddaughter)
dattersønn grandson
sønnedatter granddaughter
sønnesønn grandson
aunt tante
sister to mother moster
sister to father faster
uncle onkel
brother to mother (uncle) morbror (onkel)
brother to father (uncle) farbror (onkel)
søskenbarn (begge kjønn) cousin (either gender)
kusine (female) cousin
fetter (male) cousin
nevø nephew
niese niece
tremenning second cousin

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