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Norwegian Gravlaks and Hoffmeister Sauce
placed in the center of the plate.

Want to eat like a real Viking? Make Gravlaks, the authentic Norwegian Viking food that will please your palate.

The delicacy depicted above was served at a Midsummer-night celebration I attended here in the USA a couple of years ago. We had a huge bonfire and all kinds of traditional Norwegian foods, Norwegian Folk Dancing, and of course, Norwegian music.

The Norwegian Vikings that live here in the USA have not forgotten their homeland traditions or recipes. At the same time, they have adapted well and blended in perfectly with the American culture. The English language is surely no problem - well...once in a while I get my v's and my w's mixed up - a Norwegian thing - UFF DA!

Back to Norwegian food...Yes, salmon that is.

Connoisseurs from all over the world are familiar with Norwegian Gravlaks delicacy.

The picture of the Gravlaks above is served with Hoffmeister Sauce, also called Mustard Sauce, sennepssaus in Norwegian.


My sister-in-law, Gerd Merete cooking (above)

When I visit my brother Bjørn and his wife Gerd, they often serve Gravlaks. Gerd is a great cook and Bjørn, the hunter and a fisherman provide great venison and seafood.

My brother is an expert at filleting fish and slicing it very thin at an angle. He has shown me how to fillet a fish and warned me - don't cut yourself. There is a special knife especially made for filleting and it is super sharp.

Gerd was happy to share her recipes with me. If you follow these directions step-by-step, the result should be a price winner.

Gravlaks Recipe
Serves 4


2 fresh salmon fillets
2-3 large bunches fresh dill
1/4 cup coarse sea salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
Juice from 1 lemon

Place salmon fillet in deep glass baking dish, skin-side down. Cover fillet with chopped fresh dill.

In a separate bowl, mix salt, sugar, pepper, and lemon juice. Add this evenly over the dill-covered fillet.

Add the second half of salmon fillet - skin side up. Cover fillets with plastic wrap.

Wrap a board (slightly larger than salmon) in plastic and place it over fish. Place weight (4 cans about 4 pounds or more) on board to press down.

Refrigerate (immediately). Keep in refrigerator for 3 days - turning fish over every 6 hours; separate fillets - baste both sides each time with sauce from the bottom of the pan. Replace the weights and refrigerate immediately.

After 3 days - remove fish from the marinade, scrape away dill, and seasonings. Pat dry with paper towels.

Place salmon fillets skin side down and cut even thin slices at an angle.

The Norwegian Gravlaks is now ready to be served along with
piquant Hoffmeister Sauce. Garnish with sprigs of fresh dill, lemon wedges, and thinly sliced red onions. © Copyright 2020
All Rights Reserved

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