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Cucumber Aspic Salad with Shrimp

Refreshing Cucumber Aspic is a delicious mold or salad with shrimp. Find recipe here.

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Looking for a traditional Norwegian kringle recipe? This one is also called Oslo Kringle. Look no further - you found it here.

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Paella anyone? Not Norwegian you say, well, this Viking (moa) gets around - so this delicious Spanish seafood recipe is Norwegian now.

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Norwegian Potato Dumplings or Raspeball

Want to make Norwegian Potato Dumplings? Find recipe here for this traditional food, that we in Norway call Potetball or Raspaball..

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Funny Story

Here is a funny story about the first time I made Norwegian potato dumplings/potetball. Send along your unusual cooking story and we'll laugh together.

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Eldhuset? What? Long ago it was a small house on the Norwegian farm where the woman did their cooking and baking. Read all about it here.

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Fish Patties Norwegian Fiskekaker

Fish patties? What is that? Place a fish pattie in a bun and BINGO you have a tasty and juicy fish burger.

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Pancakes Crepes Pannekaker,

Pancakes crepes pannekaker, whatever you call them in your part of the world, here is a great recipe.

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Norway Facts

Want some interesting Norway Facts? Come on over and have a look.

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Norwegian Butter Cookies

Yummy Norwegian Butter Cookies are a perfect treat all year around. Find great recipe here.

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Shortbread Cookies

Do you know that Norwegian shortbread cookies are super delicious? Find our easy recipe here.

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Homemade Yellow Pea Soup, gulertersuppe in Norwegian

How to make nutritious yellow pea soup. Find here my mom's recipe for healthy Gulertersuppe.

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Norwegian Recipes in English

Looking for Norwegian recipes? Find new and traditional Norwegian Recipes in English here.

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Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway are some of the best reasons to love this country. Find great recipes and cooking ideas here.

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Marinated Salmon with Sherry Sauce

Surprise your family with this delicious Marinated Salmon with Sherry Sauce.

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Mustard Sauce

Many Mustard Sauce recipes out there, but here you will find a tradition that our family1 has enjoyed for years.

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Make Norwegian Gravlaks and eat like a Viking. Find a well-tested family recipe here for this traditional delicacy all the way from Norway.

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Marinated Salmon also called Gravlaks

Ever tasted traditional Norwegian marinated salmon, also called Gravlaks? Here you found the recipe for Norway's best Gravlaks.

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Weather in Norway

How is the Weather in Norway? Find out here about the climate and seasons of Norway.

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The Wonders of Norway

Discover the wonders of Norway. Here you can check out some the highlights of this beautiful Kingdom of the North.

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Norwegian Bacalao Cod Recipe

Bacalao Cod Recipe - Norwegian? Oh yes, Bacalao is a popular cod delicacy in Norway. Check out this fantabulous recipe.

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Kaviar in Norwegian

Caviar, well, it's Kaviar in Norwegian and how delicious. Here are ideas how to spark up your food with Norwegian/Norsk kaviar.

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Kaviar in Norwegian"

Proper Etiquette in Norway

Etiquette? Who cares about proper manners anyway? The Norwegians do - find out here.

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Yummy Homemade Pizza in one Hour

Want yummy Homemade Pizza? How about having it ready to eat in one hour? Yup, kids don't want to wait. Find great recipe here.

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Stewed Green Peas

What is Stewed Green Peas?

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About me in a Nutshell

About me.

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Norway Mountains Norwegian Nature

Hey, have a look at the amazing beauty of Norway mountains Norwegian nature. Enjoy!

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Midsummer Night in Norway

Midsummer Night in Norway.

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Norwegian Viking Food

Viking Food? Ever wondered how the Norwegian Vikings cooked their food? Here is a look at how to cook a leg of lamb in a cooking pit as the Vikings did in 700 AD. Very delicious, I might ad.

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Norwegian Currency Norsk Valuta

Want info on Norwegian Currency/Norske penger? Find it here.

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Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad recipe. This will prove to you that eating healthy food can be delicious. Find recipe here.

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Homemade Dessert Crepes

Dessert Crepes with strawberries and whipped cream - Yummy! In a jiffy you'll have a delicious treat..

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Goro, Norwegian Christimas Cookies

Goro cookies are Norwegian Christmas cookies. If you want some - find the recipe here.

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Lemon Mousse

Light and creamy, Lemon Mousse (Sitronfromasj), has yummy flavor in every bite. Find recipe here for this delightful dessert.

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Marinated Pork Loin

Make flavorful Marinated Pork Loin in your crock pot, Skip to the recipe here.

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Lemon Butter Sauce

Discover the amazing variety of zingy Lemon Butter Sauce to add WOW flavors to various foods.

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Norwegian Waffles

There is nothing like Norwegian waffles. Find my mamma's yummy recipe here.

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Norwegian Language

Discover the fascinating aspects of the Norwegian language here.

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Smoked Salmon Sandwich

What? A smoked salmon sandwich for breakfast? Only a Norway Viking would think of that. Just kidding. Make a delicious lox/laks sandwich and Enjoy!

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Build a Web Site

Want to build a web site? Learn how you can create and manage your own web site and have fun doing it.

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Norwegian Alphabet

The Norwegian Alphabet and how to pronounce it. Use my easy method. It is a lot easier than you think. Try it here.

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Lefse Recipe

Anytime is the right time to make Lefse. Here a great lefse recipe all the way from Norway.

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Swedish Meatballs

Looking for a recipe for Swedish Meatballs that really works? Look no further. Find a grood recipe here.

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Original Pickled Herring Recipes

For Pickled Herring Recipes, you have come to the right place. Find various pickled herring recipes here.

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English Norwegian Translations Numbers

Want to count in Norwegian? Check out English Norwegian Translations Numbers.

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Easy Pie Crust

Been looking for a recipe for an easy pie crust? Search no further, Here you will find the recipe that changed my pie making from disastrous to successful..

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Cod Baked in Foil

Hungry for a tasty cod dinner? Jump over to this easy recipe for delicious Cod Baked in Foil.

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Herbal Baked Salmon

Looking for a good baked salmon recipe? Look no further. Here is a delicious recipe for Baked Salmon with herbs and vegetables.

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English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases

Want to learn Norwegian? Check out English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases right here.

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