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Norwegian Fish Soup Recipe

Isen't it about time to include more healthy seafood in our diet? Want to try this easy recipe for this delicious Fish Soup? (Fiskesuppe in Norwegian}

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English Norwegian Translations Helpful Terms

Interested in learning Norwegian? Jump over to English Norwegian Translations Helpful Terms.

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Christmas Cake - Norwegian Julekake

Been searching for a traditional Norwegian Julekake recipe? Find recipe here for traditional Norwegian Christmas Cake.

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Mamma Mia Homemade Pizza in one Hour

Want yummy Homemade Pizza? How about home made and ready to eat in one hour? Yup, when your kids want to eat they want it now. Of course, home made is best. Find a great recipe here.

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Get ready for the Holidays. Find recipe here for traditional Norwegian Pepperkaker,

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Blotkake Birthday Cake Recipe Norsk Blotkake,

In the mood for Norwegian Blotkake? Here you'll find Norway's Blotkake birthday cake recipe with layers of whipped cream and berries. Yum-Yum!

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Fyrstekake Norwegian Royalty Cake

How about baking Fyrstekake, a regal cake fit for the king of your castle. Find recipe here.

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Michigan Vacation Rental

Looking for a Michigan vacation rental? This Lake Home is right on a beautiful all sports lake. The Blue Lake House is now for sale.

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Norway Mountains Norwegian Nature

Glad you stopped by to find out about the amazing beauty of Norway mountains Norwegian nature. Enjoy!

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Norwegian Alphabet

Pronounce the Norwegian Alphabet by using my easy method. It is a lot easier than you think. Try it here.

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Mass Grave of Vikings Found in England

Mass Grave of Vikings Found in England. What happened to at least 249 Norwegian Vikings? Find out here.

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Easy Pie Crust

Been looking for a recipe for an easy pie crust? Search no further, Here you will find the recipe that changed my pie making from disastrous to successful..

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Homemade Sausage

Homemade Sausage That must be difficult. Surprise! It's a lot easier than you think.

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Norwegian Recipes in English

Love Norwegian food? Find new and traditional Norwegian Recipes in English here.

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Norwegian Economy

Looking for information on the Norwegian Economy? Stop in for a little history and interesting economic facts on Norway.

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Curry Sauce

So, you want to make Curry Sauce? Come an over for an easy and tasty recipe.

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Norsk Engelsk Ordbok Familie

Hei!! Kom og kikk pa min lille Norsk Engelsk Ordbok Familie.

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Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway are some of the best reasons to love this country. Find here great recipes and cooking ideas.

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Funny Story

Here is a funny story about the first time I made Norwegian potato dumplings/potetball. Send along your unusual cooking story and we'll laugh together.

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English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases

Do you want to learn Norwegian? Check out English to Norwegian Translations Greetings and Phrases. Find it here.

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Want to send me a note? Here is how you can contact me.

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Norwegian Language

Discover the many fascinating aspects of the Norwegian language here.

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Au Gratin Cod

Want a lean and healthy meal?Here is a recipe for scrumptious Au gratin Cod, Fiskegrateng in Norwegian.

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Swedish Meatballs

Whether we call them Swedish Meatballs or Norwegian meatballs, they seem to be very popular around here. Find a great recipe here.

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Apple Dessert with Crisp Almond Topping

Any time is the perfect time to make a delicious flour free Apple Dessert. Click for this show-stopper recipe.

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Homemade Norwegian Oatmeal Crackers

Good thing that this recipe for Homemade Norwegian Oatmeal Crackers will make a huge bunch - cause they will disappear quick like snow melting in hot sun.

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Wonders of Norway

Want to discover the many wonders of Norway? Find here some of the highlights of this beautiful Kingdom of the North.

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Paella anyone? Not Norwegian you say, well, this Viking (moa) gets around - so this delicious Spanish seafood recipe is Norwegian now.

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Sangria is a Spanish drink, but Norwegians love it too. Here is a great recipe,

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About me in a Nutshell

About me? Oh Yes find out about my adventures from raising my children, building my own web site and fixing up old houses OH, and "flying" off dad's wood shed.

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Cod Tacos

Who says that healthy food can't be both tasty and skinny?? Look no further for a North-of-the-Border, awesome seafood recipe. Try these Norwegian Cod Tacos with a South of the Border twist.

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Norwegian Almond Cake

Want to make a yummy Norwegian Almond Cake? Find recipe here for this scrumptious dessert.

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Lefse Baking by Kari

You must be kidding, another Norwegian lefse recipe. Yup, and there are more lefse recipes to come...Find recipe and pictures of Kari's Lefse baking here. Wow, is it ever gooooooood!

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Norwegian Butter Cookies
Deliciously Almond

Yummy Almond Butter Cookies are a perfect treat all year around. Find recipe here.

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Deliciously Almond"

Lemon Mousse

Light and creamy, Lemon Mousse (Sitronfromasj), has yummy flavor in every bite. Find Norwegian recipe here for this delightful dessert.

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Easter Bread with Bunny Eggs

Looking for a delicious Easter Bread recipe? Find a great recipe here with colorful Bunny Eggs too.

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Weather in Norway

How is the Weather in Norway? Find out here about the climate and seasons of Norway.

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Sirupssnipper Cookies

Haven't baked Sirupssnipper yet? Well, it is about time. Christmas is around the corner "u no". If you are Norwegian you must bake these diamond shaped cookies for the Holidays. Find recipe here.

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Fish Patties Norwegian Fiskekaker

Healthy and skinny seafood is delicious. Why not treat your family to juicy burgers using lean and healthy fish patties; instead of beef and watch the pounds melt off.

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Homemade Yellow Pea Soup

Enjoy home made soup? Find recipe for mom's delicious, Yellow Pea Soup (gulertersuppe).

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Rommegrot, what is that? It is a yummy Norwegian sour cream pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Learn how to make this delicacy here.

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My site is all about this country of the north by a native. Allow me to show you the Norway that tourists do not see. Hei

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Norwegian Currency Norsk Valuta

Want info on Norwegian Currency? Find it here.

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English Norwegian Translations Numbers

Want to count in Norwegian? Check out English Norwegian Translations Numbers.

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Eldhuset? What? Long ago it was a small house on the Norwegian farm where the woman did most of their cooking and baking. Read all about it here.

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Norway via Mallorca

Travel to Norway via Mallorca? I did it and so can you. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, shopping in Mallorca and then the glorious nature and culture of Norway.

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Timeshare around the World

Owning or renting a timeshare could be one of the best ways to see our wonderful world.

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Herbal Baked Salmon

Looking for a scrumptious sea food recipe? Find here a delicious recipe for Herbal Baked Salmon and Vegetable.

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Norway Facts

Interested in Norway? You've come to the right place to find Norway facts.

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