Norwegian Alphabet

Pronounce the Norwegian Alphabet by using my easy method. It is a lot easier than you think. Give it a try without feeling frustrated and wanting to give up like this Tuckered-out bird below.

bird on back

A Foxy Fox.
En lur rev. (In Norwegian)

You will be surprised to discover that we use the same sounds in English every day.

Not even the cute letters, Æ æ, Ø ø, Å å will give you any problems anymore.

Check it out below...

How to Pronounce the Norwegian

Pronounce as in the word
A (awe)some
B (be)tween
C (ce)ntennial
D (de)ntist
E (e)ffort
F (eff)ort
G (ge)t
H (ho)le
I (i)n
J (ye)sterday
K (co)leman
L (el)evation
M (Emm)a - same as in English)
N (en)d - same as in English)
O c(oo)l
P (Pe)tosky
Q ra(coo)n
R rolling R/also as the Spanish R
Do your best.
S (Es)tonia
T (te)rrain
u kangar(oo)
V (v)ent
It is called dobbel-V

(dough bell)(ve)nt
X (ex)it
Y vo(i)la
Z (sat)urday
Æ æ (a)fter
Ø ø f(u)rther
Å å (o)ver

One of the first things I learn when I begin studying a new language is how to pronounce the letters. Just as important is to learn how to count in that language as well.

If you have trouble pronouncing any letters using my system get in touch with me on my contact page and I will help you and pronouncing the Norwegian Alphabet will be a breeze. © Copyright 2020
All Rights Reserved

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