Midsummer Night in Norway

The Land of the Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun in Norway

Midsummer Night in Norway...no wonder they call this country the Land of the Midnight Sun.

The summers, at Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway, the most northern point of Europe, has light for the entire 24 hours a day.

The three most-northern counties in Norway, from mid-May to the end of July, has sun light for the entire 24 hour time span.

The further north you go, the more prominent is the Midnight Sun. The naturally illuminated nights enables you to do things you can’t do anywhere else in the world, such as play a round of golf at midnight or sit outside and read your newspaper.

Midnight Sun at North Cape (English
Midnattsol pa Nordkapp (Norwegian)



Hurtigruten Midnattsol / Coastal Steamer named Midnight Sun (above)

I remember visiting grandma in Sandenessjøen, it was awesome to see the sun shining at 3:00 AM.

Even though Romsdalen, where I am born, is much further south, you can read the newspaper outside on a midsummer night.

When visiting grandma's house who lived in Northern Norway, my kids didn't want to go to bed at night because the sun was still shining.

Midsummer night in Norway is called Sankthansaften. It is a traditional event and folks celebrate with bonfires, food, games and dancing.

Sankthansaften Bonfire (left)


pippi or me
  Pippi Longstocking or me?

When I was about 10 years old, I played a few numbers on my accordion at the Midsummer Night dance in our little home town.

People were having fun singing, dancing and laughing and watching me. Can you imagine...a skinny, little red head with cute freckles, (kind of like Pippi Longstocking)... playing a VERY LARGE accordion; keeping the rhythm by tapping her feet and moving her tongue from side to side. I have been told that I was both cute and funny. Wish we had a picture.

The highlight of the midsummer night celebration is the huge bonfire that is lighted at midnight.

Midsummer night bonfire
out of control (left)

Photo by Trond J. Strand, Aftenposten.

In the popular resort, Hvalstrand, Asker, the bonfire went a little out of hand.

Even though the dock was watered down before the bonfire was lighted, it started to burn.

The fire department had things under control in no time.

Bonfire (St. Hans-bål) Hvalstrand, Asker (left)
Photo by Trond J. Strand, Aftenposten

Midsummer Night
Midsommernatt (Norwegian)
Mitsommernacht (German)

We welcome you to Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun

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