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How NOT to make Potato Dumplings!

Here I will tell you a funny story about "How NOT to make Norwegian potato dumplings".

In Norway we call them ball, kumle and a bunch of other names depending upon where you are in Norway.

Do you have a funny or unusual cooking story? Bet most people do.

I remember my ex-mother-in-law telling me that she once dropped her Thanksgiving turkey on the kitchen floor and then proceeded to place it back on the serving plate and bringing it to the dining room table. I bet that turkey was very "tasty".  OPS, that "was" a secret.


Norwegian Potato Dumplings
Here is my funny story...

Oh, Norwegian potato dumplings are soooo yummy, the way mom made them, according to "The Old Norwegian Tradition", of course.

When I made my dumplings, I guess I made "New whatever Tradition". Well, read on...

I was very hungry for mamma's potato dumplings, especially the leftovers sauteed with onions and bacon. They were amazingly delicious.

Finally, one day, I dialed mom who lives in Norway, to get the recipe. She proceeded to give me a lengthy lecture on "making dumplings the right way".

I took notes - got 5 pounds of potatoes and peeled them - ALL!! Yes, it was a lot, but they would shrink - wouldn't they? Had to have a little bit
left over "u no". Yummy ... I couldn't wait...

heart dinner-for-two

This was to be a dinner for two
and I wanted to impress. I'm such a good cook!?!?

I almost followed the recipe - just skipped over "the unimportant" things (UGG (couldn't be that important - right?)... poured water into the pan and brought it to a boil with a little salt - so far so good!!!

Since this was the first time I tried out this recipe, perhaps I shouldn't have invited anyone to dinner?? Maybe that could pase problem - it was kind-of nerve-racking.

I shredded the potatoes - "Sure was a lot" - "Oh well, I did kind-of enlarge the recipe".

The big moment had arrived - I formed the dumplings - hey, this was easy.

Just like mom had said, I carefully eased the dumplings into the pot. Soon the pot was full - now I knew for sure I made PLENTY. No problem, I would give some of them away.

I proceeded with the rest of the meal, a boiled dinner (ham and colorful vegetables) Dinner was almost done and I was proud of myself - WOW!

I hurried things up - now the pot was boiling hard and fast. Good, this was going great. OOPS - Didn't mom say something about "slowly simmering"? Oh well, I thought, I am getting it done quickly. That was good - had lots to do.

After a while, when I looked into the kettle - GUESS WHAT? - The dumplings had turned into ONE BIG DUMPLING. OH NO!! My heart sank; my dinner would be a BIG FIASCO. I almost cried, but had to laugh because it was so strange. This really would make a funny story... Now I would become famous for creating an out-of-control giant dumpling.

I managed to remove THE DUMPLING from the pan by cutting it out.

After going through each step of the recipe - I discovered I didn't add enough flour. Also, the dumplings should be cooked in softly boiling water. I also realized that 5 pounds of potatoes is definitely too much for a dinner for two.

ringing-telephone Of course, had to get on the phone and tell mom all about my funny story. We both had a good laugh.

"Wanna" hear this funny story in Norwegian? - JUST RING MOM AND SHE WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT in detail. He He.

laughing If you have a funny story to share, send it along and I will place it on one of these pages so we all can have a good laugh.


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