Kaviar in Norwegian


Norwegian Caviar-Kaviar Sandwich (above)

For generations, Norwegians have enjoyed Kaviar. It is mostly used as a sandwich spread.

Usually it is made by sugar-salting smoked cod roe, which gives it its unique taste and texture.

This seafood is packaged in tubes for ease of use and storage. The contents weight 2.7 gram and is
10 centimeter in length (about 7-1/2 inches).

That ends up being meters upon meters and millions of tubes of kaviar produced per year in Norway. This delicacy is exported all over the world.

Ideas for using and serving:

Kaviar is great with sliced hard boiled eggs and also with Jarlsberg (lean Norwegian Swiss) or Gouda cheese.

The tubes are easy to use for "decorating" open face sandwiches and/or appetizers.

In Norway, sandwiches are always open face. If you order a sandwich at a restaurant, you will get only one piece of bread.

Kaviar will liven up sauces, dressings and gravies and with a tube of Norwegian caviar you can create tasty and attractive canapes with ease.

Spread a blend of kaviar, cream cheese or other soft cheese and chives on crackers for a quick and tasty snack.

For lovely hors d'ouvres, cut bread into star, circle and heart shapes with cookie cutters.

Spread cream cheese, (any favorite cheese spread) or place thin slices of white cheese s.a. Jarlsberg on the canapés. Use the tube to decorate/garnish along with a sprig of parsley.

Place deviled egg mix on bread or crackers. Garnish with caviar and parsley.

Topping ideas for appetizers/canapés:

Sliced or whole, green/black olives on tooth picks; thinly sliced fresh/roasted sweet red peppers; sliced green peppers; tomato wedges or grape tomatoes on tooth picks; marinated artichoke hearts; capers, leaf lettuce, lemon leaves, lemon slices, fresh parsley or dill.

In Norway, we serve open-face sandwiches, not just for parties, but every day.

They are topped with seafood, meats and cheeses as well as vegetables. Kaviar, mayonnaise and cheeses are available in convenient tubes. It's easy to make appetizing sandwiches when you have great "tools".

Try egg salad sandwiches with Kaviar added directly to the salad or on top of an open face sandwich with a sprig of parsley or dill. It will make your taste buds "zing".

I recently served my knitting club, "The Knitwits", open face egg salad sandwiches topped with kaviar, thinly sliced red onions, sliced scallions, black olives and grape tomatoes. It was a delicious success. © Copyright 2020
All Rights Reserved

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