Sangria Magnifico


Don't have to be Spanish to drink Sangria, and you can be a Viking and speak Spanish too.

I just thought that up. Not so brilliant, if I should say so myself. He-He.

This is a fruity, nutritious, summer, or anytime drink.

1 bottle of white wine
1/3 cup sugar - add sugar to taste
if you use the juice from fresh lemons.
¾ cup peach-flavored brandy or schnapps
6 teaspoon lemonade concentrate or juice from 6 lemons.
12 oz sliced peaches (canned peaches may be used)
1 cup sliced green grapes (seedless)
1 cup sliced red grapes (seedless)
Mix together wine, sugar, brandy or schnapps, and lemonade or lemon juice.
Add 5-6 lime and mandarin wedges for extra color and flavor.

Add ice cubes to the drink and stir before serving to dissolve sugar.

Serve the Sangria in a large glass mug. It is appetizing to see the colorful delicious fruit through the glass. © Copyright 2020
All Rights Reserved

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