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Pancakes, Crepes, Pannekaker, or whatever you call them - they are delishious. Not only do the French make them, but they are made in many parts of the world and have many names.

In our family, we call them pannekaker, but we are a bunch of Norwegian Vikings, and wouldn't dream of calling them crepes.

Sometimes I make them for lunch and serve them with freshly made blueberry sauce and bacon. Yummy!

Blueberry Pancakes

Crepes are made without baking powder and can be served anytime, even for dessert.

Dessert Crepes

Fill the pancakes with something delicious from your favorite berries to seafood.

Filled Crepes

How about having a Crepe breakfast get-together, and let your guests bring their favorite fillings. After showing a couple of fellows how to flip the crepes, you can sit back and relax.

Everybody loves a surprise... So why not surprise your kids. Make a quick pancake batter; spray your pan with oil; pour some batter in the pan, swirl the pan around and toss some blueberries on it and you have blueberry pancakes. I did and below is a picture of how they turned out.

crepes pancakes with whip cream and strawberries-1
Pancakes Crepes Pannekaker with
strawberries and whipped cream.

2 cups milk
2 cups water
6 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 cup flour, sifted. The amount of flour can be adjusted the consistency you desire. Crepes require a thinner batter than Norwegian pannekaker.

In case your first try at this is not overwhelmingly successful - don/t give up - a great cook is not born overnight. Be patient with yourself.

Whisk together ingredients until you have a smooth batter.
Let batter rest 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator. Whisk again before baking.

pancakes crepes served on platter
Rolled Norwegian Pannekaker .

Norwegian pannekaker are made without baking powder and usually large in size and they are not filled. They are usually stacked or rolled and placed on a serving plate.

On the table, you will find toppings such as fresh blueberries smashed and stirred in sugar; or blueberry jam, or other kinds of berries or jams. Norwegians do not serve or eat any kind of syrup with ours. They are often fried in a large cast-iron pan, but a pan of your choice should work fine.

To make crepes I sometimes use a crepe pan, other times I use my old time cast iron frying pan (8-10"), which works wonders. You don't have to run to the store for a special pan to make them.

Lightly spread Coconut or olive oil in the pan using a silicon brush or paper towel. You DO NOT want the batter to swim in oil.

I like using a paper towel because it soaks up excess oil - you can keep using the same towel until you are done. Keep the paper towel on a little plate while you are cooking.

Heat the pan to medium heat.
Use a ladle to pour a small amount of about 1/2 cup batter into the pan. (10" pan.)
Swirl the pan around or distribute the batter with a silicone spatula.
I use a silicon-coated spatula with a rounded tip. Go around the edges to loosen from the frying pan - insert the spatula under the crepe to turn it. Sometimes I call it my pancake flipper.
They cook fast so you have to watch them carefully, otherwise, they will burn. They should be light golden in color.
Place the crepes on a plate and fill them later.

Folding Crepes

Filling Ideas
Stir together cottage cheese sour cream, cinnamon, and sugar. Spoon this mixture on the crepe. Follow with 1 tablespoon strawberry sauce
Finish with 1 tablespoon or two whip cream.
Make into rolls and serve.

Place filling between each layer and top with whip cream, sour cream or yogurt, and delicious berries - looks beautiful and taste even better. Cut into pie shapes for serving.

Why not invite your friends to a pancake brunch. Perhaps a selection of seafood salads or spreads would please their taste buds, such as made with crab meat shrimp.

An egg omelet made with smoked salmon, scallions, and dill is another good filling.

These pancakes may be made up ahead and filled later. Also, they freeze well, filled or not.

Wondering if pancakes crepes and pannekaker are delicious? You bet - they are terrific.

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