Homemade Sausage

That must be difficult, you say... Hey, it's a lot easier than you think.

Homemade Sausage (Heimlaga polse in Norwegian)is better for us than the commercially made kind, mainly because what we make at home does not contain hard-to-pronounce chemicals and other weird additives.

Homemade sausage does not even contain the standard ingredients that you often find in commercially made sausage, such as MSG, Nitrite, or Nitrate. Surely I am not against commercially made foods, but I choose not to consume foods that contain those chemicals.

My daughter is allergic to MSG, so that ingredient wouldn't work at my house. There is nothing like good, natural foods - they are so much better for us and our family. It is extremely beneficial for us to keep informed so we can have better control over what we consume.

I have gotten into the habit of reading the ingredient statements of the various foods that I contemplate buying before I purchase them. If I should add all the items to my food that I see on the ingredients statements on the foods displayed on the store shelves I would need an additional pantry to store them all. But we homemakers are smart, we don't have to add all those chemicals to make our foods more nutritious or taste and/or look good.

My friend and former neighbor, Cindy, gave me this wonderful recipe for homemade sausage, no chemicals added, of course. She is of Swedish descent, so she enjoys making Swedish foods. Whether your family came from Sweden or not, perhaps you would like to give this Swedish recipe a try?

Recipe for Homemade Swedish Sausage
Homemade Sausage (Heimlaga Pølse in Norwegian)

2 lbs ground beef from chuck
2 lb. fresh lean, ground pork, s.a. from pork shoulder
1-1/2 lb onions
5 lbs potato, scrubbed/peeled optional

3 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoons allspice
1 tablespoon white pepper (freshly ground is best)
synthetic or pork casing
Rinse salt from casings and untangle
Keep wet

Grind potatoes and onions in food grinder/processor
Drain off some liquid
Add meat, seasonings, mix well – use two large ladles

Stuff meat into casings, tie ends with string. Prick it with a fork to prevent casings from bursting when cooking. Simmer gently 1 hour in a large kettle with water to cover or bake 1 hour at 350°F.

Filling the Casing:
Use a funnel with a 1” wide or larger opening in order to fill the casing more efficiently. A smaller funnel will work, but it's slower and more cumbersome. If you don't have a funnel you can use the center of an angel food cake pan that works quite well because if you spill something the cake pan itself will catch the spill. Another idea is to cut a plastic food-grade bottle into a funnel. My very clever friend, Cindy, gave me this idea.

Make room in your freezer because this recipe makes a lot of Homemade Sausage (heimlaga pølse in Norwegian.)

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