Guitar Story

A real Guitar

Have I ever told you my little guitar story? No? This is a cute children's story that will put a smile on your face and a story for anyone young at heart. It is about the time I held a concert - OPS!! on a wooden board in the hayloft of my dad's barn...

Growing up in the "olden days" on the farm in Norway, I had plenty of time to get into trouble, and often I did. This story is about one of those times...

A Guitar-Story in the making...

Happy Dancing Girl

Did you know that a happy little girl can play the guitar on an egg slicer? It has strings, doesn't it? So...why not play it then?

I noticed the little strings one day when I was watching mom slicing hard-boiled eggs.

My guitar, mom’s egg slicer

"Neat strings, HUH? OH, yes, what a cool guitar", I thought, while "my wheels" were turning!!!

Later, when the opportunity presented itself, I "sneaked" into mom's kitchen and found IT.

Little friends

Soon I held a concert for my little friends, balancing on a wooden board over the hayloft in dad's barn.

My little friends

Guitar-Story continued...

The concert was a SMASHING success. The kids were laughing and clapping their hands while I was singing "you're nothing but a hound dog" and playing mom's egg-slicer guitar.

My cute puppy

My dog wagged his tail approvingly - we all had such a good time.

Puppy and Butterfly

Everything was jubilant UNTIL.....just of a sudden WHOPS, I lost my balance and FELL! The "guitar", I mean the egg slicer slipped out of my hands and THE CONCERT WAS OVER!

OPS!! :-( - The kids were laughing - THIS WAS NOT FUN, and my feelings and everything else hurt. I was in trouble and I ran into the house to find mom.

Playing "the guitar" had been sooo much fun.

Mom looked sad when I went into details about how I had helped myself to her egg slicer without permission and I was sad also because mom was always good to me and I loved her and I wanted to obey and please her.

I was very sad

But when I got to the part about "my concert" it looked as if mom was trying not to laugh. I was really sorry - and told her I wouldn't do that anymore.

Mom was more concerned about me falling and hurting myself than the egg slicer and she was happy I didn't break any bones - me too.

The funny moral of this little guitar story is - don't give a concert on a narrow wooden board in your dad's hayloft with your mom's egg slicer - wait until you have a real guitar, Oh, I almost forgot, don't fall off the board. he-he.

But the real moral of this story is, ask permission before you use other people's belonging, don't just take them. Do the right thing and feel good about yourself. Ask permission first and make good choices. Be a winner, not a looser.

The End of my little Guitar story. © Copyright 2020
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