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Norwegian Currency: kroner and øre

The money, bank notes of Norway are called kroner - NOK. The singular form is krone as in en krone (1.00 NOK/1.00 kr). One krone is 100 ore (singular and plural are the same).

In the past, Norway had smaller denominations of banknotes (paper money), such as - 1 kr. (en krone),
5 kr.(fem kroner), 10 kr. (ti kroner) and 20 kr. (tjue kroner). These bills are now out of circulation - and have been replaced with coins.

1000 kroner

The paper bill denominations in use in Norway today are:
50.00 NOK, 100.00 NOK, 200.00 NOK, 500.00 NOK
and 1,000.00 NOK.

Also, in the past, Norway had coins in smaller denominations, such as, 1 (ett øre), 2 (to øre), 5 (fem øre), 10 (ti øre) and 25 (femogtjue øre), but they are no longer in use, these are now collectors'items only.

The smallest Norwegian monetary denomination in circulation now is the 50 øre coin (femtiøring).

The krone was introduced in 1875, when Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union. The coins and banknotes are distributed by the Central Bank of Norway.

In the United States, we talk about "lot's of green", meaning money.
The paper bills (money/penger (pronounced pang-heir in Norwegian) come in many different colors, not green only.

As of 2014, one US dollar was worth approximately 6.18 NOK, but the rate of exchange change constantly.

Since the monetary exchange rates move up and down quickly, consider contacting
a proper source to obtain accurate information on the rate of exchange.

As of 2014, the Norwegian krone is the 14th most traded on the Foreign Exchange Market.

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